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I've some clear text which I want to encrypt using RSA_PKCS_V21 (using PolarSSL library). The problem is that I need to know size of cipher text before executing the algorithm (for dynamic memory allocation purpose). I know RSA key size & clear text length.
I also want to know the limitation on input clear text length.
Any idea?

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Just check the RSA PKCS#1 v2.1 standard chapter 7.1:


  • (n, e) recipient’s RSA public key (k denotes the length in octets of the modulus n)
  • M message to be encrypted, an octet string of length mLen, where mLen ≤ k – 11 Output:
  • C ciphertext, an octet string of length k

So the input depends on the key size. k is that key size but in octets. So for a 1024 bit key you have 1024 / 8 - 11 = 117 bytes as maximum plain text.

Normally a randomly generated secret key is encrypted instead of the message. Then the message is encrypted with that secret key. This allows almost infinitely long messages, and symmetric crypto - such as AES in CBC mode - is much faster than asymmetric crypto. This combination is called hybrid encryption.

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