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I have an instance of Java class InsurancePolicyStatus (insurancePolicyStatus) that has attribut "String policyId".

Instance of this class is saved using following code :

message.setSessionProperty("insurance_policy_status", insurancePolicyStatus)

How to access insurancePolicyStatus.policyId in value attribute in the jdbc query?

jdbc:query key="messageUpdateSuccessStatus"
    value="UPDATE message  SET [UpdateTime] = GETDATE(), 
         [Status] = 'SUCCESS', 
    WHERE [MessageId] = #[header:SESSION:id]"
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Try using the expression

#[groovy:message.getProperty('insurance_policy_status',org.mule.api.transport.PropertyScope.SESSION).getPolicyId ()

where you need policyId value. getPolicyId() should be your java method to get policyId property.


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It works now. Thank you Daniel. –  Peter Flemming Jul 16 '12 at 15:10

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