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I have a QWidget B which is contained inside a QWidget A. QWidget A has a QLabel. I have some data inside QWidget B, which I want to set as the value of the QLabel. How can something like this be done?

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First of all, if I understand your topic correctly, you have your own derivations of QWidget for A and B.

The clean solution to your problem is that B emits a signal, like newLabelText(QString text);. Then, A provides a slot setLabelText(QString text);. You connect the signal to the slot and you are done.

In this solution, only one entity needs to know both A and B to perform the Signal/Slot-Connection, while A and B do not have to know each other, or mangle with each other.

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works perfectly. thanks –  saurabhsood91 Jul 16 '12 at 14:58

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