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I am using phpunit and selenium to write some functional testing for my project. What I am looking for is the way to retrieve Response-header

There are some URLs which dont have a .js extension but return javascript as the code.

What I am looking for is the header information (especially content-type) of the URL opened with $this->open(); function

For eg:

//if I do
// or

// and then use some function like
// returns me array of header information or
// some function just for content type
// which return text/html or text/javascript

Is there any way selenium provides this functionality or a hack or a trick to get the details. I went through the selenium documentation and the TestCase files and didnt find anything close to it.

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It's sad, but you cannot. It does not allowed by phpunit because it does not allowed by WebDriver.

We will not be adding this feature to the WebDriver API as it falls outside of our current scope (emulating user actions).

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If I understand your question you need these two steps:

$htmltext = $this->getHtmlSource();

and then you can get the inforamtion by splitting the htmltext...

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No basically what i want is the response header details with content-type information – swapnilsarwe Jul 16 '12 at 14:45

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