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Anyone know a good source for building a custom event calendar?

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Maybe a bit more informations on what you really want (and what you have already found ? ) might allow people to help you a bit more... Can you give us more details ? –  Pascal MARTIN Jul 19 '09 at 20:32
I need to build a simple calendar where events can easily be added and viewed. –  Jonathan Garrido Jul 20 '09 at 15:34

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I recommend you to start from looking to other people work. This are existing classes for calendar applications. You may download them, study, extrapolate or reinvent the wheel if you need to.

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use jquery ui for user interface part

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If you want something very simple, you could 'share' your Google calendar and export it onto your website.

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Try the custom php script calendar with xml configuration file

include ('CustomCalendar.php');

$calendar = new CustomCalendar('/pathToXmlFile.xml', $startDate);

then you can use xml to add items to calendar (for instance generate the xml for the current month)

<item type="image" 
          alt="My Alternative text" 
          title="The title text">

or you can add an event using only php (if you need to fetch from database)

  //image type
$calendar -> add(   date("Y-m-d"), 
                    "Item #1 title");
//text type
$calendar -> add(date("Y-m-d"), 
                    "Text title"); 

http://www.flester.ro/php-xml-calendar (From my website) You have great control over over css & html

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