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I want to add some pagination stuff to my grails app. I have the list action and in it I did this:

params.max = 3
    def query = Profile.where {
        userType == "F"
    def freelancers = query.list(sort:"firstName", max:params.max)
    if(freelancers) {
        def freelancersCount = query.count()
        return[freelancer:freelancers, fCount:freelancersCount]
    } else {

in gsp I wrote this:

<div id="paginate">
    <g:paginate controller="freelancers" action="list" total="${fCount}"/>

everything is ok, a have a 5 objects in my db and i can see only 3 when open a gsp page in browser, but when I click on the Next to open other 2 object, I see the same 3 ones. what is wrong and what I must to do?

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You need to pass the offset into your call to list:

def freelancers = query.list(sort:"firstName", offset:params.offset, 
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thank u, it's working. but can I use some css styles to the g:paginate tag and how? –  Jack Daniel Jul 16 '12 at 15:17
@Jack: yes, view the source to check out the classes that grails puts on the html, and use those classes for your selectors. (either that or hack on main.css) –  Nathan Hughes Jul 16 '12 at 15:19

1) If you are using Criteria query then :

 params.max = Math.min(max ?: 10, 100)
 Integer offset = params.offset as Integer ?: 0
 List userInstanceList = User.createCriteria().list(max:params.max,offset:offset) {
            or {
                ilike('name', "%${name}%")
                ilike('email', "%${email}%")
            order('dateCreated', 'desc')

2) If you are using GORM query then :

 params.max = Math.min(max ?: 10, 100)
 Integer offset = params.offset as Integer ?: 0
 List<User> userList=User.list(max:params.max,offset:offset)
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