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In the config file, there are lots of elements: flow-executor, flow-registry, flow-builder-services, viewFactoryCreator, FlowHandlerAdapter, FlowHandlerMapping, etc.

In what order do they work?

When a request comes in, the servelet will dispatch it to a handler, then I guess the spring web flow framework will somehow parse the flow and return a view. But how exactly does the spring web flow framework handle the request? And in what order do those elements defined in the config file work?

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Here is a nice image of the request lifecycle taken from the link. Also here is an article giving you the life-cycle events.

Spring MVC request lifecycle.

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thanks. i have seen this when i was googling. but it does not cover web flow and the elements in the web flow config. –  CuiPengFei Jul 17 '12 at 13:23

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