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Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a Chromium Trusted Plugin (no sandboxed NaCl-Plugin) using the Pepper API (version 16) on Linux. "Trusted Plugin" means that I am passing the path to my Plugin when starting Chrome, the Plugin get's loaded in context of a specific, custom application-type.

Using the C-API everything works find because the Plugin then does not have to be linked against any Google-libraries. But when I am using the C++-API of Pepper some symbols are missing; demangled e.g...

pp::Instance::Init(unsigned int, char const*, char const*))

... but I simply don't know which Libraries have to by linked to my Shared Library. Of course I downloaded the Pepper SDK, but all in there seems to be prepared for development of NaCl-Plugins and therefore crosscompiling (I don't have to crosscompile).

I tried to ask a followup-question here, because the issuer uses "-lppapi_cpp -lppapi_cpp_objects" in his Makefile, but he couldn't help.

So my question is: How do I have to set the linker flags? Or am I missing something else? Where to find the missing libraries?

Thanks in advance and best regards!

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Writing trusted PPAPI plugins is not encouraged. That's why there are no Pepper SDK. If you want to build a trusted plugin, you need to build chrome and take libppapi_cpp.a and libppapi_cpp_objects.a (possibly some more) libraries from out/Debug/obj/ppapi or out/Release/obj/ppapi directories.

Note, that untrusted PPAPI plugins can be associated with MIME types too.

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