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I read some data frames from CSV files using the read.table function. I gave the read.table function the

stringsAsFactors = FALSE 


I also set the row names of each data frame to : rownames(A) <- seq(1: nrow(A)).

I merged these data frames using a sequence of cbinds.

C = cbind(A,B)
E = cbind(C,D)
F = cbind(C,E)

I created a big matrix ( bigmemory package ) using:

result <- as.big.matrix ( F , type="double", backingfile = "final.bin", 
backingpath = getwd(), descriptorfile = "final.desc")

This actually worked well but it gave me the following warning message:

Coercing data.frame to matrix via factor level numberings

Why did it give me this warning message? When I read in the data frames, I put in stringsAsFactors = FALSE so why the factors?

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Are all the columns in your original data strings, or are some strings and some numbers? –  joran Jul 16 '12 at 16:05
I'd suggest trying to create a small reproducible example. If the process of putting that together doesn't solve the problem for you, you can post it here and will probably get better feedback. Cheers. –  Josh O'Brien Jul 16 '12 at 16:45

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