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I have a S function that takes arrays as inputs from an excel file and does computations using the arrays. The ultimate result in the S function block is a Nx1 array. I have tried assigning the Nx1 array to the sFunc.OutputPort(1).Data, but it gives me error saying I am attempting to assign a length N vector to a length 1 vector.

I want to be able to output the array and feed it into another S function in Simulink and to a scope to plot the data against another array (time).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Have you tried adding a simout block to the output of your S function? (I think maybe I am misunderstanding your question). – kevlar1818 Jul 16 '12 at 16:17

For a Level-2 M-file s-function, you should explicitly specify the Outport dimensions in the setup() function:

function setup(block)
block.OutputPort(1).Dimensions       = [N 1];

Then you can output your array like this in the Output function:

function Output(block)
block.OutputPort(1).Data = ones(N,1);

I tried this in a dummy L-2 M-S-Fcn and it worked fine...

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