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I have a simple form in a Rails 3.2.6 application that has a select box. Based on the content in the select box on the change event, I'm submitting an Ajax request.

Then I have a .js.erb file that is rendered. But then I'm using that .js.erb file to render a partial.

Is that the Rails Way, or should I just skip the .js.erb file and render the partial from the controller action? It seems like an unnecessary step.

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If you don't have anything else in the js.erb file then I'd render the partial from the controller.

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Personally I don't like generating / returning partials directly from controller and I would strongly suggest calling partial from appropriate .js.erb file - this way you will always know, what is returned after calling specific action, without looking at your controller. But I don't know, if this is a Rails way, it's just my common practice.

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