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We use TCPDF to generate PDFs. In one special case I got a strange behaviour, it looks like TCPDF puts a space inbetween two characters.

I use the cid0cs as font, the strange behaviour appears if I place "µg" in the PDF, it looks like "µ g" (with some space inbetween) now.

I edited the cid0cs.php on index 181 (like here: http://bytethinker.com/blog/correct-display-of-imported-fonts-in-tcpdf) with no success.

Any help is really appreciated.

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Did you edit the character µ or g? If you select the letters you can see which letter the extra space belongs to. So... for a small "g" (the first letter after which is the space, you must edit the entry "130=>???" of the $cw array.


Make it half the value. If its 750, make it 400 and try. Or even better: search for a letter that could be the same with as your "g" (an "a" for example).


Guido (customer service is when you look at all the links that lead to your website :)

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Already tried to edit the $cw array with no success... –  manuxi Nov 25 '12 at 21:05

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