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I installed Aptana Studio 3 on my Mac Book OS 10.6 as a non-root user. My goal is to develop Python applications with Aptana Studio. Seeing its potential, I decided to use Aptana / Pydev to play around with networking applications. To my dismay I could not open TCP ports. Regardless of what I do, I could not get Aptana to open as root. The first thing I would notice is the default workspace is in the nonroot user's home directory. To verify, i.e. os.getuid() is always non-zero. At soon as I run within Aptana that attempts to open TCP ports, it would run into permission errors. However I have no problem whatsoever launching "sudo python2.7" from terminal shell. I've tried the following methods to no avail:

  1. After gaining root access "su", then "open /Applications/Aptana\ Studio\ 3/.... .app". "import os", "os.getuid()" results in nonzero.
  2. After gaining root access "su", then "hdiutil mount Aptana_Studio_3_Setup.dmg", and "open /Volume/Aptana\ Studio\ 3/". "import os", "os.getuid()" results in nonzero.
  3. Noticing that "env" output "USER=nonroot", I tried "export USER=root" after "su", and repeated steps 1 and 2. Same results.
  4. After "sudo chown root", and "sudo chmod a+s", repeated steps 1 and 2. Same results.
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My mistake was having used the /usr/bin/open command to open the application. If I had typed "sudo /Applications/" it would have worked automatically and seems to have solved my problem.

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There is no need to apologize! :) – stacey Jul 17 '12 at 6:22

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