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Using the PHP framework Yii I want to have a url like where xyz is an argument I want to pass to a specific controller (I wont know the value of this argument as it is dynamically generated). Is this possible? To my understanding Yii will see xyz as a controller and I am not sure how to change this without destroying the functionality of the rest of the site (

Help? :)

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Obviously you can do this. For example the if you set a url rule


will treat anything of to the view parameter of the action page of the controller site.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT the for every other routes you have to specify an action , or in other words defaultAction of any other controller has no effect.

ie the url WITHOUT the above rule will redirect to the site/index and to site/page with view="index" WITH the above rule

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This is explained in the "URL management" chapter of the guide:

A rule like the following would route a request to to the action myaction in mycontroller, giving the value foo to the parameter name.

 '<name>' => 'mycontroller/myaction'

This rule should be the last one in the rule list. Otherwise all requests would be passed to myaction, breaking existing parts of the site.

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