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I am quite new in Android and I intended to run some sample programming downloaded from the web, but I faced problem in extracting the .apk file, in the .apk file there are META-INF, res, manifest, .dex and .arsc, how I am going to open the sample program in the Eclipse? I just wanna run some sample coding... Thanks.

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If you want to debug, review, modify the program, you'll need the source from which the .apk was built. –  i_am_jorf Jul 16 '12 at 16:55

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You don't need to open the program in eclipse to run it.

Just type

adb install -r filename.apk

The -r flag is to allow re-install if it already exists with the same signature. If it exists with an incompatible signature you will have to remove it.

If adb complains you have multiple devices, do

adb devices

Notice the serial number of the one you want, and then

adb -s SERIAL -r filename.apk

Actually opening an existing apk in eclipse would be relatively pointless without a depackager/decompiler, which is another topic altogether.

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