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I have setup my installer to use the code referred to in this post to check for an existing version and then calling uninstall on it before installing the new version. Works great. My problem is that after the uninstall / install steps the new versions uninstall (unins000.exe) is not created (or maybe it was but is deleted IDK). This prevents the new version from being uninstalled properly later. The uninstaller is always created if there isn't an existing version. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you executing uninstaller before any part of installation starts - usually in InitializeSetup() ? Are you sure target directory (directory where unins000.exe should be placed) is correct? –  Slappy Jul 17 '12 at 5:36
Are you using Uninstallable=no or a similar option in your [Setup] section? Also: generally it is not recommended to uninstall prior to an update. Just let the update install over the top and use [InstallDelete] to get rid of any now-redundant files. Also-also, if you do end up running the uninstaller despite advice then you MUST do so from PrepareToInstall. No earlier, no later. –  Miral Jul 17 '12 at 9:12
I am starting the uninstall in CurStepChanged (CurStep=ssInstall) per the post that I referenced. Uninstallable=yes. I need to run an uninstall because I have services that need to be shutdown and gracefully before an upgrade can be done. I'll try and change the uninstall step to PrepareToInstall. –  Dan Jul 17 '12 at 11:29
You could place your Check and Call for UninstallOld in function InitializeSetup: Boolean; - there you could place a check if app is installed then call uninstall with waituntilterminated. In fact you could use solution by Craig McQueen that can be found here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2000296/… –  RobeN Jul 17 '12 at 11:45
@RobeN That is the exact post I referenced in my question. I am using the Craig McQueen solution. –  Dan Jul 17 '12 at 12:31

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You could use Craig McQueen's solution originally posted here: InnoSetup: How to automatically uninstall previous installed version?

function GetUninstallString(): String;
    sUnInstPath: String;
    sUnInstallString: String;
        sUnInstPath := ExpandConstant('Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{{A227028A-40D7-4695-8BA9-41DF6A3895C7}_is1'); //Your App GUID/ID
        sUnInstallString := '';
            if not RegQueryStringValue(HKLM, sUnInstPath, 'UninstallString', sUnInstallString) then
                RegQueryStringValue(HKCU, sUnInstPath, 'UninstallString', sUnInstallString);
                Result := sUnInstallString;

function IsUpgrade(): Boolean;
        Result := (GetUninstallString() <> '');

function InitializeSetup: Boolean;
    V: Integer;
    iResultCode: Integer;
    sUnInstallString: String;
        if RegValueExists(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{A227028A-40D7-4695-8BA9-41DF6A3895C7}_is1', 'UninstallString') then begin
//Your App GUID/ID
            V := MsgBox(ExpandConstant('{cm:YesNoUninstall}'), mbInformation, MB_YESNO); //Custom Message if App installed
            if V = IDYES then begin
                sUnInstallString := GetUninstallString();
                sUnInstallString :=  RemoveQuotes(sUnInstallString); 
                Exec(ExpandConstant(sUnInstallString), '', '', SW_SHOW, ewWaitUntilTerminated, iResultCode);
                Result := True; //if you want to proceed after uninstall
                //Exit; //if you want to quit after uninstall
            else begin
                Result := False; //when older version present and not uninstalled
        else begin
            Result := True; //when no previous version found   
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