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I have a the following fields on the UI: datepicker, hours dropdown, minutes dropdown, and am/pm dropdown.

In my controller I am trying to tie these fields together and create a DateTime value like this (5/18/2012 2:45 PM):

model.Scheduled = new DateTime(model.Scheduled.Value.Year, model.Scheduled.Value.Month, model.Scheduled.Value.Day, model.ScheduledHour + (model.ScheduledAMPM == "AM" ? 0 : 12), model.ScheduledMinute, 0);  

This works in most of the cases, but not when I select 12 on the hour dropdown. How should I refactor the above line of code so that it works in all cases?

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I don't understand the question. DateTime does not hold a specific format. What is your exact question? more code is required to help you. – Ramhound Jul 16 '12 at 17:11
Which language is this for? Pick either C# or Vb, not both. – Drise Jul 16 '12 at 17:18
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Convert 12 AM and 12 PM to 0 and 12 by taking the Hour modulo 12:

(model.ScheduledHour % 12) + (model.ScheduledAMPM == "AM" ? 0 : 12)

I would also recommend writing unit tests to verify all edge cases.

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You can leverage the method DateTime. TryParse(string input, out DateTime output) method to have C# do the translation for you.

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