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OK I've spent a lot of time working with the iOS SDK, and now i'm porting my app to Android with Eclipse. There are just a few basic things I would like to know that I can't seem to find online:

  1. What is the equivalent of UIImageView? I have tried my hand at ImageView, but even in XML it seems nearly impossible to just resize the thing!
  2. What is the equivalent of presentModalViewController, and how do I implement the new java and xml files into my project?

Thanks for your help, it seems much harder to get started with Android than it did with iOS!

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Best Way to start Android –  Samir Mangroliya Jul 16 '12 at 17:06

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1) Yes, UIImageView: ImageView are same and you can resize it using ImageView.setWidth(XX), ImageView.setHeight(XX)

2) For presentModalViewController you have to write the custom animation to make it happen.

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@Samir's implied response of "start from the beginning" is correct, but to answer your specific questions:

UIImageView: ImageView

The closest thing to presentModalViewController that I use is AlertBuilder

In my very person opinion, Android way harder to set up and a little easier to code. I started with iOS and now do both. The hardest part is getting used to a different workflow. Think of the XML as equivalent to the Interface Builder step, and then the Activity as the controller code.

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