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I'm trying to make bootloader which will load second stage to memory. After I'll be done I want to load file from FAT12 filesystem. My problem is that I don't know how can I add FATs (2 for FAT12) after sectors reserved for boot and second stage. I cannot use formatting tool because it starts on floppy start and there's bootloader. Does anybody know how it is possible? I'm reading this tutorial but there is not written how to do it.

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A FAT12 file system reserves the first 512 bytes for the boot sector. A good formatting tool will let you load a custom boot sector onto the disk.

I use UltraISO for creating disk images. It lets you:

  • Add or extract files to and from a disk image with one click.
  • Create audio CD's, data CD/DVD's, bootable CD/DVD's, and floppy and HDD images.
  • Use predefined boot sectors from disks such as MS-DOS and Windows.
  • Burn and rip image files to and from physical disks.
  • And more.

To create an bootable floppy with UltraISO, just create an empty floppy image, and load a boot sector onto it. You can then add or remove files, or load a new boot sector without trouble.

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Two questions: Can I use partcopy to load bootloader? Or how can I do it? If I have two reserved sectors (bootloader and second stage for loading kernel), how can I use it? – user35443 Jul 17 '12 at 5:29
Do you have the second stage as a file? If you don't store it as a file, then you will have to do some hacking to get a file system that works. You can also store it as a file with a known address, and load it directly, though that will require you to hardcode the file size. I've never used PartCopy, but it looks perfect for your situation. – Kendall Frey Jul 17 '12 at 12:47

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