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I was looking through posts about modifying/packaging images in PHP and can't seem to find anything. What I'm trying to do is have an image template that I can modify by $_GETting a variable.

For instance:

If we were then to wrap the above in an tag, it would show as "You have been invited to a party on Monday!" (Something to that effect)


  • Set template
  • One or two words changed on said template
  • Auto-resize to fit a page

If anyone could provide a link to a library that does this, or provide a code example, that would be great.

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why you don't use scripted SVG – Rafael Jul 16 '12 at 17:37
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Might want to take at this page from ->

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You can generate images in PHP using Cairo, ImageMagick or GD. There's a wealth of documentation on PHP's site:

Note that not every API/function library is available on every system. I remember even a few years ago that ImageMagick and GD were hard to get working on non-Linux systems. I don't know how it is today though.

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