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I've got 2 sites hosted on my local machine that are under development. They've been configured via a script here at work. I feel like there's a gap in my IIS knowledge because I have no idea how someone not on my localhost can access a specific site. My bindings look like:

  http   siteAlpha  80   * 
  https  siteAlpha  443  *

  http   siteBeta   80   * 
  https  siteBeta   443  *

And so on. A user on a different machine can browse to http://myMachine/theSite/default which is sending them to AlphaSite. I can browse by going to the beta site by going to http://siteBeta/default. How can someone that's not on my machine get to siteBeta?

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You can try to change your betaSite's port to something else eg: 8080. Then you will have

  • "http://myMachine/siteAlpha/default"
  • "http://myMachine:8080/siteBeta/default"
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I should have mentioned that I tried that. Changing the port on the SSL gets me a message "The certificate associated with this binding... Editing this bind will cause the HTTPS binding on the other site to be unusable"... so I can't edit the ports without breaking both sites. The site uses SSL almost exclusively. –  jcollum Jul 17 '12 at 16:24

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