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I'm working on a storefront that sells bundled products, sort of like build-your-own-PCs.

Once the customer has selected their desired options, I'd like them to also give a (nick)name to the product before adding it to their cart. This would be a standard text field purely for the customer's reference.

This field will be displayed in the cart, during checkout, and in the order details once the order is submitted.

What is the best/proper way to implement this user-editable product field?

I had thought Custom Options would be best, however it states that a "Bundle with dynamic pricing cannot include custom defined options. Options will not be saved."

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As I'm aware Magento doesn't have any built in way to implement this. You're options would be to find a third party extension or write a custom module.

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I found and implemented the workaround shown here: It essentially disables the warning and enforcement of that rule.

Yes, I realize this is a bit of a hack, but it works great because:

  • The custom option doesn't need to affect the price (which is why Magento blocks it I think)
  • It will show both the bundle options and the custom nickname option on the page
  • User selections will be saved for both
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