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The end goal is to be able to read/write/exec postscript files using PECL -> PS which I believe to be included within PEAR.

I have done all the basics # yum update, # yum install php-pear. However, I can't use PEAR with php scripts, but can via ssh. I think I need to update some .ini files but which ones??

System: Linux virtual server, CentosOS 5.

Update: I did as follows

# cd /usr/share/
# wget
# php go-pear.phar

which unpacked everything at /usr/share/pear and updated the /etc/php.ini with include_path = ".:/usr/share/pear:". Now when I use echo get_include_path(); it displays as expected but still cant include or require 'pear.php'. # pear version returns PEAR Version: 1.9.4 - so it works...

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you need to change to change the php.ini settings file in the php folder.basically you have to un comment a line regarding the extension,to activate it! here is a link for refernce:

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