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I have a ruby on rails app that needs to be gem-ified. Jeweler, helps create basic rubygems. However, how do I package a rails app as a gem? I have a main app that requires my rails app as a gem. I cannot integrate them as the main rails app is to be used as a management app to control smaller apps, running in it as gems/engines.

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Can you describe why you want to package a full application up as a gem? Aren't gems usually plugins or libraries that you can add into apps? –  jstim Jul 16 '12 at 18:43
also do take a look at mountable engines from rails 3..... –  Rahul garg Jul 16 '12 at 18:45

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Since Rails 3.0 any Rails app is an Engine. For wrap your application to a gem you should:

  1. Create new gem with bundler or jeweler or something else.
  2. Insert your application code to lib/ directory of your gem.
  3. All classes of your app should be in MyGem module, so add MyGem before your class names, like: Article => MyGem::Article. All your controllers, models, etc. should be namespaced with module GemName.
  4. Your file lib/my_gem.rb should contain next code:

    module MyGem
      class Engine < Rails::Engine; end


Or be better if you will use mountable engines:

$ rails plugin new MyGem

It generates mountable engine with dummy app for tests and gemspec.

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