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I am working on OpenCV library, this library is written in C++, i have written a simple win32 application. I have some simple functionalities implemented in it. This functionality needs additional libraries and i am using Project->Properties->Configuration properties -> Linker -> input -> Additional dependencies to specify the additional lib files.

Now i want to write an application in C# that uses the the above project's DLL, i am using this DLL using [DllImport] method. When i run the application outside the visual studio it shows me "DllNotFoundException" for the Dll i am importing. I have placed dll file in build and code folders both.

can anyone suggest me why this problem is occuring? Is there any issue of dependent / additional libraries?

Please tell me how can i add additional libraries. I placed those additional DLLs in the build folder also, but it still gives me the error.

I tried another simple dll with no additional dependency, and it gave me no error, looks like there is some dependent library issue. Please suggest me how to resolve the problem

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Please see:




Basically, you probably want to put a copy of your DLL into %CommonProgramFiles%\yourcompany\yourproject, and then you probably want to set the DLL directory to point there, so that your DLL is found.

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