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I 'm trying to run some precompiled code (source code is not available) on Ubuntu, which requires openCV to be installed. I installed the latest version of openCV (from the SVN) yesterday, and installed it according to the debian install guide on the openCV website (cmake -> make -> sudo make install) and everything seemed to go fine.

I tried to run stipdet program but this gives me following error.

bash: ./stipdet: cannot execute binary file

Please can anyone help me with this error?

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What does:

file $(which stipdet)

...say? I'm guessing it was built for a CPU you don't have.

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You need to run chmod 755 ./stipdet to make stipdet executable.

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The issue was with processor. The file was built for x64 system but my linux os was x86(32 bit version). That's why it was giving error. –  Darshan Aug 13 '14 at 10:06

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