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From a person record I need to be able to add/display documents of specific types. Including the conditions for category_id works but at this point I can not assume that the category ids will remain the same as development progresses. This is also an issue with testing where I only create the categories I need.

Is there a way I can dynamically set the category_id, for example something like this:

has_many :personal_documents, :as => :documentable, :conditions => "category_id = #{DocumentCategory.find_by_name('Personal').id}", class_name: 'Document'


Person < AR::Base
  has_many :documents, :as => :documentable
  has_many :personal_documents, :as => :documentable, #:conditions => "category_id = 1"
  has_many :legal_documents, :as => :documentable,  #:conditions => "category_id = 2"

Animal < AR::Base
  has_many :documents, :as => :documentable

Document < AR::Base
  belongs_to :person
  belongs_to :category
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Could you simply use seeds with static ids?

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