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I am very new to processing DICOM images and have just come across pixelmed which can be found here:

I am having trouble utilizing this library. I am just trying to read a DICOM file and display it with a few lines of code using the javadoc.

Please let me know if you can link to some tutorials and examples on using this library.

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There is a snippet of code in the Javadoc for the class SingleImagePanel that explains how to do this. I repeat here for convenience

JFrame p = new JFrame();
p.add(new SingleImagePanel(new SourceImage(filename)));

I looked at using pixelMed to display images but I sided with other libraries that I would also recommend to you to investigate, DCM4CHE and ImageJ. I use all three of these libraries in my work for different purposes

  • PixelMed -- for parsing DICOM headers
  • ImageJ -- for image analysis and dispay
  • DCM4CHE -- for networking

Also to mention that a new version of ImageJ is in development.

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