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Please check the fiddle below. When a date is selected on any calander accept first one, control rotates to make that calendar first one. I want to stop this behavior.


I am using a plugin called Multi Date Picker, but it is basically jQuery Date Picker. When you select a date in 2nd or 3rd month the control rotates months to make the month i selected date on first calendar. How can I stop this behavior ??

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Try using Jquery Datepicker which has the feature you are asking for. Personally, i didnt like the UI but you can replace it with Jquery-UI.

Also, the navigation on that page is: You will see some n number of tabs, select "months" tab and see the last example it has multi date picker with behaviour to stop rotation of months.

Code is available... Njoy!!!

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Just shifted to it yesterday!! –  Shaunak Jul 20 '12 at 14:57

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