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I’m using Qt Creator. In my GUI I use a tab widget. This widget should have the same grey background color as the main window (picture A). I accomplished this by editing the Style Sheet in Qt Designer with:

enter code herebackground-colour: rgb(240, 240, 240);

But now I have two new problems I can’t solve:

  • The buttons (--> Send) are not rounded anymore.
  • The edit boxes’ background color has changed to grey, too.

Befor I changed the Style Sheet the GUI looked like in Picture B.

I also tried

QPalette pal = m_pUi->tabWidget->palette();
pal.setColor(m_pUi->tabWidget->backgroundRole(), Qt::blue);

but this only changes the color behind the tabs, not the entire color of the whole "tab-window-surface".

Do I have to make additional style descriptions or is there an more simple solution?

Picture A - with Style Sheet

Picture A - with Style Sheet

Picture B - without Style Sheet

Picture B - without Style Sheet

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I figured out that under XP the background is always grey but under Windows 7 it is white. –  Ergodicity Jul 17 '12 at 7:40
Have you tried messing with the button color on the palette? It might be that the tab bar uses that for it's tabs. On the picture without a style sheet, the tabs and button look very similar. –  Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt Jul 17 '12 at 16:21
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The "things" you want to access are called QTabBars. Keeping that in mind you can write a stylesheet like this:

    background: #48555E;
    color: white;   
    border-color: #48555E;

    border-top-color: #1D2A32;
    border-color: #40494E;
    color: black;
    background: qlineargradient(x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #C1D8E8, stop: 1 #F0F5F8); 

Also you might find this question and this official documentation insightful.

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