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The issue is System.UnauthorizedAccessException on recycle bin or documents and settings folders/files. (VS2010 .NET 4.0 C#)

The following LINQ code to query directory sizes. I have tried GetFiles and EnumerateFiles. I am definitely running as admin. In the commented code you can see I tried testing for some attributes from another Stack post without success.

DirectorySize(new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\\"),true);

public static long DirectorySize(DirectoryInfo dInfo, bool includeSubDir)
    // Enumerate all the files
    long totalSize = dInfo.EnumerateFiles().Sum(file => file.Length);
        //.Where(d => (d.Attributes & FileAttributes.ReparsePoint) == 0 && (d.Attributes & FileAttributes.System) == 0)
        //.Sum(file => file.Length);

    if (includeSubDir) // Subdirs?
        // Enumerate all sub-directories
        totalSize += dInfo.EnumerateDirectories().Sum(dir => DirectorySize(dir, true));
            //.Where(d => (d.Attributes & FileAttributes.ReparsePoint) == 0 && (d.Attributes & FileAttributes.System) == 0)
            //.Sum(dir => DirectorySize(dir, true));
    return totalSize;

I would like to get a concise LINQ method where I don't have to manually loop and test every folder/dir. I found some MS code for duplicates that operates similarly. It errors out the same too.

My thanks in advance,

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I think you need to swallow the pill and try/catch the exception. stackoverflow.com/a/5957525/284240 –  Tim Schmelter Jul 16 '12 at 20:37
This has nothing to do with Winforms –  IanNorton Jul 16 '12 at 20:59
The reason for mentioning winforms was to establish the environment and eliminate the usual asp.net/IIS environment from the discussion. –  Joe Johnston Jul 17 '12 at 14:49
@TimSchmelter I think you are right and the try/catch cannot be incorporated inline. I knew that code was too pretty and concise. –  Joe Johnston Jul 17 '12 at 15:01

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try/catch to the rescue as demonstrated in the following article. There are also alternatives.

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There are other references to this in Stack Overflow; but you probably need to define permissions for your application itself. Setting Perms

There is also this little nugget [ C:\Users is a JUNCTION]; C#: Access to path <'filepath'> is denied

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