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I have a pptx file with a single shape. Setting it to 70% transaprent I can compare the pptx and see the only difference is in /ppt/slides/slide1.xml

  <a:schemeClr val="accent1">
   <a:alpha val="40000"/>

Anyone have any idea how on earth "70%" translates to "40000"?

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It seems different for me. My alpha values seem to use this function:

y = -1000x + 100000

Where x is the percentage and y is the alpha value. I recommend you do the same (figure out a function based on your computer and verify them) and not worry about it.

It seems each single percentage unit corresponds to 1000 of these alpha units.

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So yo're saying 100 - (x-10000)/1000? That gives the right value in this case, I guess I'll have to check about other cases. –  George Mauer Jul 20 '12 at 18:11
I missed a 0. y = -1000x + 100000 where x is the percentage and y is the alpha value. Or i = 100 - (j / 1000) where j is the alpha and i is the percerntage. –  jsn Jul 20 '12 at 18:15

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