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I have a java program that will scan log files every hour and sends email to IT when it detects an error. The logger is configured using log4j.properties file.

Now, I want to change the recipient of the email at run time. The code looks like this:

SMTPAppender smtp = (SMTPAppender)(logger.getAppender("smtp"));
logger.removeAppender("smtp");  // I tried it with or without the two lines
logger.addAppender(smtp);       // It's the same result

When I debug it, I can see on the stack that the To field of smtp is indeed the email address I want, but when I call logger.error(message); later it still sends to the email address specified in the configuration file.

Can anyone give me an idea why this is happening? I know I can create smtp appender all at run time programmatically but I wonder if there's a way to mix programmatic configuration and properties file configuration.

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