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I'm using Formtastic with the Bootstrap formbuilder. I can't figure out how to add more than one inputs into a control group, as such:

3 inputs next to each other

The logical thing for me would be to do the following (I'm using HAML):

= f.inputs do
      = f.input :city, :input_html=>{:class=>'input-small'}, :label=>false, :placeholder=>'City'
      = f.input :state, :input_html=>{:class=>'input-small'}, :label=>false, :placeholder=>'State'
      = f.input :zip, :input_html=>{:class=>'input-small'}, :label=>false, :placeholder=>'Zip'

But that simply groups the controls in a fieldset.

I don't see anything in the documentation for this, and Google hasn't helped much either. Can anybody help?

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I ended up using the default Rails form builder for areas where I needed inputs next to each other.

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