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I'm looking to constrain a type parameter to SqlDbType for a generic factory method. Here's my attempt at the signature:

    private static SqlParameter SqlParameterFactory<ValTYpe>(String 
       ParamName, SqlParamInOrOut Direction) where ValTYpe: SqlDbType

This gives the error: "Error 1 'System.Data.SqlDbType' is not a valid constraint. A type used as a constraint must be an interface, a non-sealed class or a type parameter."

I sense it is doable, but it's my sytax... any help would be appreciated.

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SqlDbType is an enum. Pass it as a parameter

  private static SqlParameter SqlParameterFactory(SqlDbType ValType, String  
   ParamName, SqlParamInOrOut Direction) 
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Thank you! Will accept shortly.. –  StatsViaCsh Jul 16 '12 at 21:10

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