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I need some suggestions

I have been given a mandate to design and implement a system that will allow customers to submit orders (upload). The orders will be submitted in batches (multiple at a time) Basically each order can be look at as a record (row). The fields are either free text, numeric, or a selection form predefined text values (drop-down list style).

First i need to define a standard for the data. What the fields are and the type of data that is excepted. The fact that the majority of the data are predefined text values gives me a issue

Then i need to determine how that data is to be transferred. What medium and protocol is used

So this is what i got so far

1) xml - i can use a XSD to define the data standard. This will allow validation on the clients end. But the predefined values can change so the xsd must be generated dynamically - the client can then upload the xml. I phrase the xml into objects and persist it to my db

2) have them use a delimited text file. I must provide them with a document on the data stranded. Here i can't validate until i try to read the file so i can except a lot of error

These are the two options i came up with. I was wondering if there are any other methods or solutions to this

I am developing in grails

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Well, gien that you've identified some technologies that you can use to store an transfer the data, My suggestion would be to pick one of them, and then use it. – Sam I am Jul 16 '12 at 21:17
There is no specific, discretely answerable, question here, so this isn't really a good fit for Stack Overflow. – cdeszaq Jul 16 '12 at 21:29

I like the XML approach. You can structure the data in a way that makes sense and as you said do some validation on the client. I can't think of any advantages the delimited file has over this (except file size, which likely won't be an issue). Do this approach!

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