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I just started reading C# How to Program 2010, and my console applications are closing automatically, so, I would like to use something like System("PAUSE") on C to stop the applications in the end, but what is the code that should I use?

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ReadLine() waits for , ReadKey() waits for any key (except for modifier keys).

Edit: stole the key symbol from Darin.

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You can just compile (start debugging) your work with Ctrl+F5.

Try it. I always do it and the console shows me my results open on it. No additional code is needed.

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why was this down voted? –  Dimitri Adamou Sep 24 '13 at 1:53
why was this UP voted? Obviously the OP isn't getting this behavior (he says his console app is closing automatically). Indeed, a console app does close automatically, unless something is done to keep it open (such as waiting for user input). –  ToolmakerSteve Apr 27 '14 at 18:07
Ctrl+F5 rebuilds the application (if necessary) and runs it without debugging (i.e. the debugger is not attached) in a new console window where, after your application has exited, a pause command or similar is run in the same window. The pause serves to give you a chance to read the output before the console window closes. When the application is used from the command line no pause is needed, as the console window does not close after a command has finished. –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen Aug 5 '14 at 21:36

Console.ReadLine() to wait for the user to Enter or Console.ReadKey to wait for any key.

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For it to close when someone presses any key, or:


For when the user types something and presses enter.

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Try Ctrl + F5 in Visual Studio to run your program, this will add a pause with "Press any key to continue..." automatically without any Console.Readline() or ReadKey() functions.

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Use Console.ReadKey(); if you don't want to show a key on console, you can use Console.Write("\b \b"); code after readkey. This will remove written key.

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Use Console.ReadKey(true) if you don't wish the entered key to be visible on the console. –  Lukazoid Jan 12 at 16:54

Alternatively, you can delay the closing using the following code:


Note the Sleep is using milliseconds.

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Ctrl + F5 is better, because you don't need additional lines. And you can always hit enter and exit running mode.

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