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I'm trying to use an oni recording in my application using OpenNI. Here is my xml file:

        <!-- Add application-specific licenses here 
        <License vendor="vendor" key="key"/>
    <Log writeToConsole="false" writeToFile="false">
        <!-- 0 - Verbose, 1 - Info, 2 - Warning, 3 - Error (default) -->
        <LogLevel value="3"/>
            <Mask name="ALL" on="true"/>
        <Recording file="Recording.oni" />

        <!-- Set global mirror -->
        <GlobalMirror on="true"/>


Everything looks ok, but when I try to run my program, I get:

Open failed: Function was not implemented!

What could be the problem?

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The problem were the two following lines:

    <!-- Set global mirror -->
    <GlobalMirror on="true"/>

After removing them, my program works fine.

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