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I want to create a table that is sortable using the attributes of a collection. So far i've being able to make the tab table sortable using two attributes, but i would like to be sortable based the value of the sort key attribute. e.g when the "task_status = 'open'"

Here what i having working now

var TaskCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

        initialize: function() {
            this.sort_key = 'end';

        comparator: function(a,b) {
            a = a.get(this.sort_key);
            b = b.get(this.sort_key);
            return a > b ?  1
                 : a < b ? -1
                 :          0;

        sort_by_status: function() {
            this.sort_key = 'task_status';

        sort_by_task_tag: function() {
            this.sort_key = 'task_group';

This sorts the collection but does not reverse the order, or allow me to sort by the particular value of an attribute. How can this be modified to work

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In the comparator, have a state variable for "reversed" and have it take values 1 and negative 1. Multiply it by the previous return value. Setting the state variable on the collection and then again sorting should get things done.

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