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I have an app which uses UILocalNotifications (though the question would also be relevant to PushNotifications). When the user receives a local notification, depending on the state of the app and the choice they make in the notification alert, I want to present a specific viewController. The issue is they may currently be in a "pushed" viewController through a segue or in a modal ViewController and I am not currently tracking where the user is within the possible branches.

I am wondering if there is any sort of design pattern or standard way of handling a mixed presentation mode app like this? Particularly if there is any built-in way to determine which is/are the active ViewController(s) without my having to setup a breadcrumb system. This would matter, for example, if the user is already viewing the viewController to be called as a result of the localNotification.

I realize my need/explanation is a little muddled. I'll edit and update this if anyone needs more info.

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OK - I think I have a solution through the Apple docs View Controller Programming Guide for iOS: Presenting View Controllers from Other View Controllers

Each view controller in a chain of presented view controllers has pointers to the other objects surrounding it in the chain. In other words, a presented view controller that presents another view controller has valid objects in both its presentingViewController and presentingViewController properties. You can use these relationships to trace through the chain of view controllers as needed. For example, if the user cancels the current operation, you can remove all objects in the chain by dismissing the first presented view controller. In other words, dismissing a view controller dismisses not only that view controller but also any view controllers it presented.

So I can cancel any chain of modal viewControllers by dismissing the first modal viewController in the chain.

I can determine if there is currently a modal viewController being presented using:


If the property is null then there no modal viewController is currently being presented. And for completeness (hackishness..) I can test is the presentedViewController has a presentedViewController, etc.:

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