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I have the following command that's kind of working as expected:


I searches both first and last name in my Users table, so I can find bob smith by searching either bob or smith, but I get no results when I search bob smith. This is obviously because bob is in the first_name column and not bob smith so it fails. But is there a way to do this kind of search within sqlalchemy?

I know worst I can create a column with the full name but I thought I'd ask just in case it was possible. I'm also tagging this as sql just in case its possible with raw sql then I will just try to igure out the sqlalchemy version based on the raw query.

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The easiest way to achieve this is to use Hybrid Attributes extension:

from sqlalchemy.ext.hybrid import hybrid_property

class User(Base):
    first_name = Column(String, nullable=False)
    last_name = Column(String, nullable=False)

    def full_name(self):
        return self.first_name + " " + self.last_name

    def _full_name_last_first(self):
        """ @note: used only for search [last, first].  """
        return self.last_name + ", " + self.first_name

def test_search(search_term):
    q = session.query(User)
    q = q.filter(
    q = q.order_by(User.id)
    return q.all()

r1 = test_search('John Williams')
assert len(r1) == 1

r1 = test_search('Williams, Jo')
assert len(r1) == 1
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