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I currently have this code:

link_to 'add a new baz!', new_foo_bar_baz_path(@foo, @bar, baz: { thing: 'the-value' })

which generates this url:


Because of some changes I'm making to my app I want to make the url generation polymorphic. So, something like this:

link_to 'add a new baz!', [@foo, @bar, :baz]# : { thing: 'the-value' })

Is there a way to add the ?baz%5Bthing%5D=the-value to the end, or do I need to generate the string manually?

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See Rails 3 - Nested resources and polymorphic paths: OK to two levels, but break at three

So you can write

link_to 'add a new baz!', polymorphic_url([@foo, @bar, :baz], thing: 'the-value')
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Yes, great! There is also polymorphic_path, which is what I needed. – John Bachir Aug 1 '12 at 15:18

I wouldn't recommend to use polymorphic url because it 2x slower than helper method. Check out my post about this

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You can do this:

link_to 'add a new baz!', [[@foo, @bar, :baz], thing: 'the-value']
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