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echo "Hel'lo" | sed s/\'/\\\'/g



What I want is this:


What am I missing?

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echo "Hel'lo" | sed "s/'/\\\'/g"


echo "Hel'lo" |  sed s/\'/\\\\\'/g
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Actually, your first example has an unnecessary extra backslash. In the replacement string, since the ' isn't being treated as a special, you don't need to escape it. sed "s/'/\\'/g" –  ghoti Jul 17 '12 at 6:10

Or without quoting the sed argument:

echo "Hel'lo" | sed s/\'/\\\\\'/g
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This might work for you:

echo "Hel'lo" | sed 's/'\''/\\&/'
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You can also do it with all single quotes:

echo "Hel'lo" | sed 's/'\''/\\'\''/g'

And since your question is also tagged bash, I might as well point out that you don't even need sed:

[ghoti@pc ~]$ foo="Hel'lo"
[ghoti@pc ~]$ echo "${foo/\'/\'}"
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