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As the title mentioned, I have developed a simple NFC app in eclipse and I am trying to run it in the mobile device to debug my code. However, when I try to run it, this message came out, the problem even cannot launch. It said one operation left, but it seems like it has stopped. Have anyone met the similar problem before, or anyone know what is happening here?

The screen comes out when I run the program

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I had exactly the same problem. For me helped adding '-clean' option at the first line of eclipse.ini file and restarting IDE. After adding this option eclipse clean all cached data in workspace each time it is started (that also mean it will be starting slower).

You can find more information about it here: How to repair hanging 'User Operation is waiting for “Building Workspace”' in eclipse

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For me the clean option didn't work and I didn't want to reset the workspace. Fortunately for me another solution worked:

  1. Disable automatic builds (uncheck menu item Projects -> Build Automatically)
  2. Restart IDE (I had to kill it from command line)
  3. Close all projects
  4. Restart IDE (this time it should close without problems)
  5. Open projects that you need to work on (everything should be fine now)

Oh yeah, I had the clean option in the eclipse.ini the entire time. Not sure if that is necessary, but it might be good to try that option first anyways.

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I had to disable the automatic build option from the Eclipse and restart it. This made it work for me.

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I had the same problem: dying waiting for Project/clean. I have tried following this recommandations, "-clean" comman in eclipse.ini, modified the working environment, reinstall eclipse... After all, problem stayed still.

Then finally, I ask my friend, then the solution was simple: "it might be crashed at your aapt file, change it with a good one"

Everything works fine now. Hope it helps.

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It can also be an indication that the JDK setting is wrong in Eclipse. In my case, I was pointing to a specific directory on my work computer. The IT people upgraded the JDK and put it in a different directory so the old path was no longer valid. Eclipse did find a JRE in a parallel directory and was trying to use that.

I fixed the JDK setting and it worked.

I didn't notice at first because I had "build automatically" turned on. Once I turned it off then tried to run a Maven build, then I saw an error message saying javac couldn't be found.

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I got this solved by removing <workspace_folder>/.metadata/.lock file.

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this can be due to installing another software with port setted equivalent to the port used by adb server

adb hangs when trying to start or stop server

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