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I have a strange error

When i run the following code, once in a while i get

Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /www/api/class.InvoicePayment.inc.php on line 92

However i don't understand why this happens because in my coding i have this line as


how can the this printf get a warning even when the output variable is not empty ..

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us3.php.net/manual/en/function.printf.php Basically your output has some kind of placeholder, e.g. %s, and you are not passing any values that should replace the placeholders. –  cspray Jul 17 '12 at 1:34
One fix (assuming PHP's printf is similar to C's) is to change printf($output) to printf("%s", $output) –  Keith Thompson Jul 17 '12 at 2:07

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This could happen if $output contains one or more format specifiers. Can you use echo instead of printf?

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As written in the first answer by James McLeod, maybe that helps you:

printf(str_tr($output, '%', '%%');

You need to escape % characters of $output first. That's done by adding another % in front of them. See as well the sprintf manual page­Docs that explains the formatting codes, specifically this part:

6. A type specifier that says what type the argument data should be treated as. Possible types:

  • % - a literal percent character. No argument is required.

The important message here is that with %% instead of % no argument is required.

But that's merely for explanation, better is in you case:

print $output;

You do not need to do any formatted printing here, so use print­Docs instead of printf.

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 $replyTemplate = '<div class="module_content">
                    <fieldset style="width:100%%; float:left;">
                        <table width="100%%" align="center" border="1">
                                <td width="15%%">
                                <td width="85%%">
                                    <h3>2015/06/11 09:06</h3>
                    </fieldset><div class="clear"></div>

and use sprintf instead printf.

Example from : Using printf() to format HTML - Too few arguments

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