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I've made this little flag icon.

When you mouseover, it lights up. When you click down it goes brighter (this is done by making an overlay gradient visible), and it moves a bit too.

Everything is controlled by a set of mouseon's, mouseouts's etc in the group tag

A problem occurs when the mouse is presses then moved. The second the pointer hits the overlay, a mouseup event occurs. The pointer has never left the group as the overlay is in the same group.

I even tried putting all the gradient stops in the group but without any change.

Am I overlooking something? Any help or hint is most appreciated.


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Perhaps it's a browser bug. A sudden mouse block of an element shouldn't trigger a mouseup if that element is a child of the event element and event propagation is allowed.

You can work around this by manipulating fill-opacity instead of visibility:

   //remove  .setAttribute('visiblity', ...)

And your #flash element...

<!--Removed visibility="hidden" added fill-opacity="1" and removed fill-opacity:0 from styles -->
     d="M 423.65326,432.06998 C 405.51096,436.96285 390.19952,445.00107 368.27826,447.66373 362.06308,452.02659 356.97847,456.99773 353.34076,462.22623 L 353.34076,496.06998 C 359.10138,502.25487 368.35017,506.24285 379.40326,507.60123 401.52711,502.8051 417.56662,493.26432 440.49701,490.66373 445.27742,487.01892 449.28524,482.98308 452.37201,478.78873 L 452.37201,443.19498 C 445.96886,436.83241 435.72653,432.94392 423.65326,432.06998 z"
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Bonza! This works a treat. I tried Firefox and opera with the problem code and both behaved the same (not often the case for SVG in my experience). And I often avoided 'fill-opacity' in favor of 'visibility' for some strange reason. Lesson learned. Thank you. – GMcG Jul 18 '12 at 2:47

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