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What are Scala context and view bounds?

In specs2 there is a method called Around, documented here that has the following example:

object http extends Around {
  def around[T <% Result](t: =>T) = openHttpSession("test") {
    t  // execute t inside a http session

The source for this code can be found here.

I'm curious what the <% operator means in this context?

EDIT: here is a solid answer on this subject, What are Scala context and view bounds?

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Google is painful to use to search for symbols, but PDF viewers are pretty good: take a look at the Scala Language Specification (or "SLS"). The term for this type restriction is "View Bounds". – user166390 Jul 17 '12 at 4:27

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This is a view bound. It means, that the type T must be convertible to the type Result. For more information about type bounds I recommend you, starting at page 61.

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