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This is my "searching in list of tuples program":

   import Data.List
   import Data.Char
   data BookInfo = Book Int String [String]

   enter :: Int->String->[String]->BookInfo
   enter id name subject=Book id name subject
   bookId   (Book id _     _  ) = id
   index :: BookInfo -> Int
   index (Book id name subject) =  bookId  (Book id name subject) 
        arrayentering book bookList
         | empty book = bookList
         | otherwise  = book : bookList
         empty (Book _ name subject) = all isSpace name && all (all isSpace) subject
         bubbleSort::(Ord t) => [t]->[t]
                if x<y then x : [y,z,xs]
                       else y : [x,z,xs]
         superBubble::(Ord t) =>[[t]]->[[t]]
         superBubble a=map bubbleSort a
         combining books=superBubble [(map index books)] 

          bsearch :: [[a]]-> a -> a -> Int 
          bsearch ms key s  

                  | elemtIndex m ms = s  return 9999
                    key=m  elemIndex m ms
                    key<m  bsearch (splitAt ms o) key o 
                   | otherwise bsearch (splitAt ms (o+2) ) key n  
                  n<-length ms
         finalBsearch::(Ord)=> [a]->a->a->Int
         finalBsearch ms key s= bsearch  (combining ms) key s  

Trying to compile it causes an error: ERROR line 2 - Syntax error in input (unexpected keyword "import").

What does this mean and how do I fix it?

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Did you indent the second line like this?

import Data.List
 import Data.Char

If so, the parser will think there is 1 statement not 2.

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thank u for help i know where the error is – Abdalla Adam Jul 17 '12 at 6:33

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