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I use CStdioFile to read text file and output is string but I want to check original encoding file when I choose file in dialog How can I check original encoding?

//This is my code

if(dlg.DoModal() == IDOK)

    path = dlg.GetPathName(); //get file path
    CStdioFile pStdioFile1(path, CFile::modeRead);  
    char buff[BUFSIZ];


            pStdioFile1.ReadString(Buff); //Buff is read text to string  
            msg += Buff;

                msg += "\n";

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You can't. In some cases the data will contain indications of the encoding used, but you can't really depend on it. Windows does provide IstextUnicode to give you a guess at whether some text is unicode (in this case meaning UTF-16) or not, but 1) it's only good for Unicode, and 2) the result is only a guess anyway.

As an aside, I'm not excited about your code for reading the whole file into a string. Assuming the file is expected to be fairly small, I'd normally use something like:

std::ifstream in(dlg.GetPathName());
std::stringstream buffer;
buffer << in.rdbuf();

// now the content of the file is availble as `buffer.str()`.
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Check the BOM (Byte Order Mark) of the file (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark).

If the file does not contain a BOM, assume it's an 8-bit ANSI file.

Otherwise, the BOM indicates the format of the file. Check the link, it contains a nice table of the different BOM's and their meaning.

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How I can Determine SJIS and UCS2 Original encoding file when I choose file? Patrick you have code to check this my problem? thank you. It link in notepad++ and emedit to show original encoding in under right side –  unicon Jul 17 '12 at 7:43

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