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I find an example in MS website. It tells me how to do screen capture in VB and display the picture. However, it is not exactly what I want. I want to capture the screen and then know the RGB value of point (x,y). How I can do that? Thanks

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If you are using the Bitmap class (I assume you do), use the GetPixel() method to get the color of a specific coordinate.


' Get the color of 12, 12
Dim pixelColor As Color = yourBitmap.GetPixel(12, 12)

The Color structure returned by this method has the properties you're looking for.


Dim g = pixelColor.G
Dim b = pixelColor.B
Dim r = pixelColor.R
Dim a = pixelColor.A
Dim text = String.Format("Alpha:{0}, red:{1}, green: {2}, blue {3}", New Object() {a, r, g, b})
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Haha. Actually, I am very new to VB. I will use the Bitmap class to do my task from now. Thanks –  Marco Jul 17 '12 at 7:12
@Marco What did you use to capture the the screen if not Bitmap? Just curious –  sloth Jul 17 '12 at 7:13

You can use opencv library functions for knowing the RGB value of point.

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